Thursday, January 21, 2010

Week 2: Blogs - Questions about Blogging

As I've been studying about blogs, some questions have arisen for me and I'd love to hear your thoughts on them:

**How do you create community and network via a blog while at the same time keep children safe. For example, is it appropriate to list a child's name with a picture in a blog?

**Do you use a permission slip before publishing someone's photo online?

**I'm curious what types of policies libraries have developed as they have ventured into using Web 2.0 tools.

**In addition to the hints listed on the blog, how do you find time to play with these new technologies so that you can learn some important new tools?

Week 2: Blogs - Some Examples

Hello, fellow Connecticut's 23 Things Students,

Here are a few of the examples of using blogs that I have discovered:

**I was first introduced to some of the ways blogs can be used in libraries via the Farmington Library blogs. Personally, I love the way they have used their blogs to build community and promote library services. There are links to their blogs at the bottom of their web page:

Farmington Public Library

**At an elementary school in Glastonbury, children are blogging with students from another elementary school as they read a book together. They are using the ePals SchoolBlog weblog hosting site:

ePals SchoolBlog

**At the same school a little over a year ago, a teacher took a short sabbatical to help with a special research study. She used a blog to keep in touch with the students at the school where she taught. Children could ask her questions about her experience and she responded to them via the blog. If I can locate her blog, I'll post the link here as well.